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AlkaLife pH droplets

AlkaLife highly concentrated mineral drops used for increasing pH in juice, coffee and other beverages.

Why do we get older and get reduced health? One of the key factors is that the amount of bicarbonate in our blood is reduced as we age. Bicarbonate is important for the body's ability to remove acidic waste. An acid body is a body out of balance. AlkaLife has a natural mineral liquid compound that increases the water pH to 10. Drinking alkaline water increases body's ability to produce bicarbonate. The body must have enough water to function optimally. It helps when your intake of liquids are for the most part alkaline. Combustion of nutrients always provides an acid waste product in the body. Increased tension, pollution and high intake of acidic foods also cause the acid/base balance of the body to be distorted. The accumulation of waste products, which our body is unable to transport, binds with minerals and is converted into cholesterol, fatty acids, uric acid, phosphate, sulfate etc. This can lead to a number of problems and general weakening of the body's functions.

AlkaLife is a simple and affordable solution for optimizing the pH value of liquids. The size of the bottle also makes it perfect to carry with you anywhere outside your home. One bottle contains 37 ml, and it only takes 4 drops per glass. For alkalizing water, consider the AlkaPod, which you can also find in this webshop. AlkaPod is cheaper and is more effective at increasing the pH in drinking water. As a stationary solution at home, we recommend the Alphion MX or Delphi MX water optimizing machines, which can also be found in this online store.

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