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Health Optimizing CellRegulation

Health Optimizing Cellregulation 

Health Optimizing Cellregulation pulsed magnetic field treatment is an active treatment system for optimizing the body at the cellular level. The technology is designed for both clinic and home use.


Health Optimizing Cellregulation is a state-of-the-art pulsating magnetic field mat, made in Germany. It is generating a patented field with unique frequencies and waveforms to give an optimal effect on your body. Comes with control unit, full body mat and small mat.

What are the effects?

Health Optimizing Cellregulation can optimize the cellular activity by interacting with the sodium-potassium ion exchange over the cell membranes, thus improving mitochondrial function and energy production (ATP) in the cells. It also improves oxygenation and microcirculation, and additional effects can be programmed.

What could those effects mean for you? 

Optimal cellular activity and mitochondrial activity is a foundation for good health. Every organ and tissue in your body consists of cells, and all dysfunctions and problems are affected by the cellular function. The cellular function also influences aging processes, degeneration, inflammation and energy level.

There are 3 standard programs built in: A standard program for optimization and maintenance, a  program to further increase mitochondrial activity and energy production in the cells, and a program to relax the body while also balancing. For sports optimizing we have a special protocol that makes you able to work out harder, perform better, and recover more quickly after workouts. In addition you get a customized chip card with a program that matches your specific needs. We can program cards for skin problems, migraines and other issues upon request, and you can at any time order more cards than the one that is included.

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Dimensions: Full Body Mat - Width: 700 mm, Length: 1750 mm, Height: 10 mm. Local Mat - Width: 330 mm, Length: 520 mm, Height: 10 mm

CellRegulation website.

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